A Girlyfishmonger and The Sea


Good evening buoys and gulls.

I’ve written a blog about the sea before, but as I’m moving on and improving as a fishmonger I find I have an even deeper love of the sea.

Maybe it’s just me and the whole dramatic nature of the sea, but I find that I’m drawn to it. This year has been a very interesting one to me.

Not only did I go to The Fishmongers AGM, win a Fishermen’s Mission award, but I’ve also been chosen along with my best friend Nicola Rowbotham and Gavin Kempsell to represent Tesco around the country at the Agricultural Shows. We have the Royal Highland Show under our belt, and Yorkshire and Wales to go and I’m also one of the fishmongers chosen to represent Tesco at the British Fish Craft Championships this year taking place in Billingsgate.

My career and the sea goes hand in hand, it has to. You have to have a feel for the sea, or you end up gaining that feel. As I learn more, and push myself to learn more, I appreciate the sea even more.

It makes me more aware that we need to look after our waters. Nothing makes my heart sink a little than seeing a plastic wrapper floating in the sea. Even recently it’s been all over the news that Whales are coming in land basically to die because they are full of plastic.

It may sound like I’m standing on a soap box, but more and more companies are becoming aware of the effects of products in our waters.

Everything from micro plastics, plastic carrier bags, drinking straws and even nappies and cotton buds are being found in our waters. It stands to reason then, if something isn’t done, that all these will be found in fish.

Companies are starting to realise that everything has a consequence and bans are being brought in of products that will find its way into our water systems and eventually into the seas.

Even fishermen are aware of litter in our seas. Fishing for litter is a campaign where fishermen collect litter they come across in the seas and they do amazing work in helping to clear our seas.

Then there is a major culprit of what ends up in our seas. Us.

Accidents will happen. That gust of wind that seems to come from nowhere will take an umbrella out of your hand and far into sea before you realise it. Even today, as myself and my little friend Morgan went walking on the beach, a little girls hat blew off and nearly lost to the waves.

However, we can’t be leaving our empty wrappers on the beach. That half carton of juice which no one wants. There will always be litter bins where we can put our rubbish, or even if needs be we take it home.

The sea is not just there just for our enjoyment. It is a whole economic system for wildlife, from huge creatures such as Whales, to the smallest organisms and plants which feed the creatures and fish.

I was always brought up to respect life, whether it be on dry land or in the sea and deep down I’m sure we all do.

The more I learn, the more I appreciate. OK, so I always knew that fish comes from the sea. Then I became more involved in teaching myself and building on my knowledge of my career. So mackerel and Sardines we sell on our counters are caught off the Cornish coast. So I learn more about their eating habits, when they’re best in season. Every fish species is affected by its environment.

We have a responsibility…let’s not waste it.



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