Girlyfishmongers and the power of social media.


Good afternoon buoys and gulls 😊.

Even whilst I’m on my holiday, I can still find something to blog about. The above collage contains photos from this week and also from 2 Fish Craft Championships.

Monday 9th myself and my friend Nicola took a girly fishmonger road trip to Horwich to finally meet a fellow girly fishmonger Gemma Lambert. For weeks and quite possibly months, we’d said we would meet up and finally got around to meet. Tomorrow it will be a whole year for Gemma, Russell and their 2 girls, Megan and Olivia that the M&O Fishmongers has been open.

Gemma had so much passion for her craft. She had some beautiful fish on display on such a grey rainy day, and every so often, Gemma would wave at customers as they walked by. Such is the reputation that both Gemma and Russell have. Customers come from all over because they know they can get the fresh fish. Lovely customers came in and got top notch service.

Gemma made me laugh because she said “if anyone would have said I’d be a fishmonger!” And myself and nicola laughed as we both agreed with her. Gemma, Russell and the girls have worked so hard to achieve what they have and it was funny but I felt so proud of them for what they have achieved and will no doubt achieve in the future.

The other girls in my photos are Dina-marie, Lynda and Manda (sorry Jen, I couldn’t find a photo!!) Apart from Lynda, the rest of the girls live at the minimum an hour away, or about 6-7 hours away. I also have another beautiful friend Trine who works for Sterling White Halibut and she lives in Norway!! I do need a passport though!

Just goes to show the power of social media. I wouldn’t have even known Gemma, let alone Trine if it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter or the Fish Craft Championships.

All I did was initially share Russell and Gemmas’ posts on Facebook and then followed on Twitter. Then little comments backwards and forwards, then a friendship. Facebook and Twitter keeps us girls from Tesco and the Championships together regardless of however far away we live and we end up counting down to August when we are finally altogether again.

I share so many fishmonger posts on Facebook and Twitter, because word of mouth does wonders. It opens so many opportunities to people. It reminds consumers that fish is not just found in a packet. That there are still your high street fishmongers, highly skilled fishmongers with beautiful high quality fish. I am so very proud of independent fishmongers. Yes, I work for a supermarket, and I am very proud of the collaboration with MSC and the suppliers. I am also very proud of independent fishmongers because they build everything up from scratch.

Their livelihoods depend on their reputation, their hard work, despite all the challenges from rise in price of fish to no fish in the markets due to weather out at sea. They need loyal customers how have confidence in their skill. And for that reason I am very proud of them.

Social media can be used for good or bad. It can be abused or used to an advantage. I have found friends through social media who share the passion of fish mongering and been able to share in experiences because of knowing ones through social media.

So when I do share posts through Facebook and Twitter, know that behind the photos of the shops or displays, there are families, it’s their livelihoods and their passion.

Em x


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  1. That is an amazing write up hon.I am proud to call you a friend.❤ how social media brings us together too.
    Lovely write up too.You should be proud too .Never give up on you dream of your own fishmongers xxxxxx
    Gemma (M & O Fish )


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