December madness and beyond..



Good evening everyone.

Well, what a crazy month December was! I had intended on writing a blog round about the middle of December, doing a little update with customers and the beautiful fish we had in.

The above fish in my photo had a lot to do with the reason why I didn’t. Easter and Christmas will always be fantastically busy on both the butchers counter and the fishmonger counter. I have to admit now that I actually get excited because we have Whole Salmon on offer. Just the sheer volume of Salmon we sell, the amount of prepping we do and the amount of customers, just gets me excited about what I do.

Whole Salmon for Christmas was on offer at half price. Definitely not a big secret, as customers had been asking since about October! It was the first time since Easter, that we physically sold out of stock usually round about lunch time!

Every morning the counter was set up, the Salmon was selling. Sometimes even before the counter had been opened it was selling. For instance, the Monday of Christmas week should have been my day off, but had agreed to go in early in the morning to get the counter set up. So 4am I was there, just for 2 hours to get set up. 9am I was still there and all the Salmon that had been delivered had gone! The vast majority of them descaled and cut into steaks and the rest of them filleted. 11am I went home and I knew that it was going to be a crazy week.

Every day we were selling out, simply could not get enough. Friday 23rd December was an epic day. 10 very large cases of Salmon arrived for the counter and by lunch time, they had all gone! Fortunately 2 members of staff were there to help me,either descaling or steaking, which really did help when one lovely lady wanted 9 whole salmon!!

I was shattered, when I sat down in the canteen, everything started to ache, but I’d never been happier! When I arrived home Christmas eve night, I was told they could smell me as I walked up the drive way! (Might be a slight exaggeration, but then again my mum can’t stand fish!!)

New Years Eve night, I arrived home, watched Sir Ken Dodd on the television, went to bed and must have fallen asleep before 10pm and never heard one firework at midnight!!

Every single fishmonger I have the pleasure of knowing, know how busy Christmas is, whether it be selling Whole Salmon or creating the most beautiful seafood platters which looked more like works of art than food (well done Gary, George and Oliver Hooper), but we love it.

Last year I met so many wonderful people through all aspects of the industry, as well as winning a couple of awards. I’ve been promising friends who I’ve become acquainted with that I will visit them at their fishmongers this year..and it has to be done!

I don’t make new years resolutions, I prefer to give myself goals to achieve through out the year, rather than just a couple of weeks in January. So, my lovely friends of M&O fishmongers in Horwich have been open for a year 13th January and I happen to be on holiday that week and I am going to visit them.

30th January, is the National Federation Of Fishmongers AGM, and I’m quite excited to be attending. I will of course be visiting Brixham at least once! For 2 years now I’ve been saying that I want to visit Peterhead, so 2017 is the year for that.

1 thing is a definite however. From my first shift back today, every fish I will prepare and sell is another step for when I compete in the British Fish Craft Championships in August. I will endeavour to further my knowledge and skills in a career which I am not only passionate about, but one which I dearly love.

To all my friends in the fish industry, from fishermen, to suppliers and fellow fishmongers and every one in between thank you for your support, help, guidance and friendship in 2016, and bring on 2017.



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