Living The Fishmonger Dream


So, after all the weeks of countdowns and my constant witterings on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we are actually on the eve of The British Fish Craft Championships 2016!

And yes, I’m blogging! My new competition jacket is all neatly ironed (miracles do happen!) and to be honest, blogging is giving me a break from reciting my categories out loud in my hotel room!! It a good job that the hotel is pretty much full of fishmongers and saying “1/4 cut fillet a large whole plaice..”  etc etc out loud won’t sound so crazy…I think!!

So today began the fish demonstrations. Fishmongers who have been doing the Championships for years, and who are now actually judges, spent all day showing the general public the trade that they are so skilled at.

Therefore, a stall was needed in which to sell the fish being prepped and fish prepped the day before at Grimsby Sea School to the public. This is where I lived the dream. Being able to set up and display the fish on my own counter is something I take pride in, but to do it as a member of the National Fishmonger Federation and on The FlatFish Company stall is something else altogether.

The lovely spectators who wanted to buy the fish could do so at amazing prices, with all the money going to Macmillan Cancer Research. There were also Whole fish aswell as filleted fish. If the lady or gentleman wanted the whole fish prepping then I could do it! To say I got a fair bit of practice in filleting Turbot and Plaice and skinning Sole was abit of an understatement.

But talking to the customers gave me the same buzz and good feeling as if I was on my counter back home and to be honest I even surprised myself! The day went so fast, we seemed to go through every weather element going, from gorgeous sunshine to pouring rain! It was tiring, by the end of it my apron and coat was covered in fish, but never felt more inspired and passionate about what I do.

Yes, the nerves kick in and the adrenalin takes over and 10mins, 8mins or however long a category lasts suddenly becomes the fastest mins ever, but at the end of the day, (for me at least) it’s an extra opportunity to learn, and to gain more knowledge. Not everyone can say that they have that opportunity in their career…

There may be another blog tomorrow, depending if I have all my fingers!!

Till then, signing off.



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