Fishmonger FlatFish Dream


Well, I’m very much in Cleethorpes and today was a dream come true for me.

It’s not everyone’s idea of a dream (and I’m not being sexist but women included) to have a tour of a Fish Factory, but anyone who knows me or reads my blogs knows that it’s a dream for me to see anything fish related in action.

FlatFish are not only suppliers of Plaice, Lemon Soles, Monkfish you name it, but are also THE market leaders when it comes to quality. They are also constantly endeavouring to ensure the fish they supply are MSC certified. They work very very closely with the skippers in both Peterhead in Scotland and Great Grimsby, so they further ensure that the fish landed are also of high grade before it even enters the factory.

So, after donning the Flatfish visitor jacket, over trousers, wellies and hair net (blue on fridays, I did notice) and went through the rigorous hand washing and hand drying process, followed by the best boot washing apparatus I’ve ever come across, it was into the factory.

The whole way round my amazing guides in the form of Anton Dietschel-Buehler, the Technical Manager of FlatFish, and Mr. Richard Stansfield the MD, it was, for me, fascinating to see how the beautiful Plaice, Lemons and Monkfish gets from being landed to packaged and displayed on my counter. The work, the technology, the amazing skill of the hand filleters is something to behold.

I am passionate about what I do and the things I learn, and when a company is also passionate and strive to do the best and go the extra mile before anyone else, then I am passionate about that aswell.

The company very much has a family feel especially as the company is run by Mr Steven Stansfield, Richard Stansfield and Reece Stansfield.

1 category I am doing at the weekend is The Flatfish Challenge, and as readers will know from my previous blogs, I do the category purely because prepping Flatfish is for me a nemesis! And I am acting as independent this year.

At the moment I am excited about it and I know on the day itself the adrenalin kicks in, the nerves start to build but thankfully for me, every single fishmonger feels the same. Guys that have been entering the competition longer than I’ve been alive feel the same way as ones who have entered for the first time. It was my first time entering last year, and I know that if I didn’t think I could do it, I wouldn’t have entered as an independent.

I have stated before that if I win something then I will be over the moon, if I don’t I will still feel the same. Knowledge is everything and after today, every time I display my Flatfish or prepare a flatfish for a customer then I should have the same attention to detail as FlatFish and I should be confident in the knowledge that I have gained and can be even more proud (if possible) of passing that knowledge on to customers, so that they know the fish that they are buying is THE best they can buy.

Tomorrow promises to be another day of fishy heaven for me and whatever it is I do then I will not waste the opportunity to learn more and take the best I can from it before the big day.

Many many thanks to Mr Steven Stansfield (I adore the fish wallpaper!) Mr Richard Stansfield  (who fuels my passion for knowledge by giving me information and advice) Mr Reece Stansfield and Mr Nigel Clarke and the biggest shout out ever is for the technical wizard and amazing friend Mr Anton Dietschel-Buehler  (thank you for going in on your day off to show me around and everything else)

Signing off until tomorrow.



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