Fishmonger Counter Set Up


Good Evening all.

Well, this is my final blog on my fishmonger training. And this is one of my favourite photos from that course. This is our little group and the gentleman at the back is Mr. Chris Parker. He was the one who had the pleasure of training us for the almost 3 days in Wales.

The final day none if us wanted to end. Due to the size of our group we were friends straight away and we all encouraged one another. The final day we had the joy of setting up the training counter as our regulations expect and for the benefit of both our customers and ensuring the quality of the fish.

That went extremely quickly and then we were back in the classroom. The portfolio work was discussed and what was to be expected for our sign off invigilator. Everything from fishing methods, explaining filleting, knife safety and customer service to sales figures and promotions were to be filled in in 16 weeks, along with photographic images of set ups and filleting.

When I was in high school and college, once I was given a project to do, I not only completed it, but took it to the next level, so I couldn’t wait to get back to my store in Stoke On Trent and get working on it. Before we knew it we all said our goodbyes and I was back on the motorway and headed for home.

I felt entirely the opposite from how I’d felt on the way to Wales. I actually felt confident, I actually felt like I could work at something to achieve and for me (most importantly!) I knew I’d found a career that I would never want to change.

Little did I know the things I would achieve in 2 years. Not only did I pass with a merit mark with 97% pass rate on my very big portfolio, I then went on to take part in the National Fish Craft Championships as part of The Tesco Team and won a Merit Certificate of Excellence in The Fish Craft Challenge. Then in the March of this year I worked for Tarbett’s Fishmongers in Chapel Allerton and Leeds Market, which fueled my passion more for fishmongering.

As I write this now, I’m smiling. It isn’t all plain sailing, there are always bad days and good days and even awesome days. It’s tiring work, but at the end of each day I am happy, knowing that I’m doing a job I love, a job I’m passionate about. Any of my followers on Facebook and Twitter will know that I’m counting down the days to the next British Fish Craft Championships in Cleethorpes.

This year I’m not part of the Tesco Team, but I’m representing Tarbett’s Fishmongers and yes one of the categories I’m taking part in is The Flatfish Challenge!

Then, just a few days after, I’m going down to beautiful Brixham, and the indescribable joy of helping out at FishStock, a festival dedicated to fish and Brixham! Then afterwards, who knows??

Thank you all for reading and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I’m @phantom86

For more information on The British Fish Craft Championships being held in Cleethorpes please look up The national federation of fishmongers.

Also for more information on FishStock which is on 10th September, follow @FishstockFest & @FishStock1


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