Countdown To The British Fish Craft Championships 2016



At the time of me writing this little blog, I’m sitting in my summer house, otherwise known as my Sea Shed! All things connected to fishmongering and Sea is lovingly displayed.

I’ve sat here, ordering my aprons for August and reading my NFF newsletter and brochure with all the fantastic categories for this year’s championships.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I look forward to this event but maybe not for the reasons you may think.

This year I’m taking part as an independent competitor, but even the prospect of the different awards isn’t what gets me counting the days and minutes. It’s purely being surrounded by literally the best in the fishmongering world. From the fishmongers taking part, to the highly experienced judges. From the managing directors of major Fish companies to the ones who have all contributed to my training and subsequent love of my career and also my very best of friends who comprise The Tesco Team 2016.

For me I’ve “won” the moment I reach Cleethorpes and see everything being set up and the prospect of bring able to be more hands on before the actual competition day on the Bank Holiday Sunday.

I will produce a more detailed blog during the actual weekend, but as all who know me will know, this girly fishmonger has already started to countdown the days.


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