Customer Expectations


Customer Expectations

In my first blog, I did a small introduction about my passion as a fishmonger. In each preceeding blog, I’d like to outline what I think personally is important, not only as a retail fishmonger, but also from a customer aspect.

So, in this blog, 1 of the most important aspects is customer expectations. Customers have a variety of expectations, depending on varying factors. Customers who chose a retailer who have a fish counter expect the fishmonger to have knowledge and a certain amount of expertise, or else they would choose a retailer who solely provide pre packaged fish.

I do think (and this is my own personal view) that all retailers who have a fish counter, should have staff who are trained fishmongers. All too often I hear customer experiences who have gone to other retailers and have asked for a service which you would expect a fishmonger to do (i.e skinning a fillet or gutting a whole fish), only to be told that they can’t actually perform the task.

That is not necessarily the fault of the person on the counter and I myself work with colleagues of varying skill and confidence, but should be the responsibility of the company to ensure training is not only available, but carried out. I am fortunate to work for such a company,and I speak personally when I say it pays dividends for both the confidence of the fishmonger and subsequent sales for the store and retailers.

Customers should also be able to expect to come in to the store and see a fresh full counter with not only fish which is readily available e.g Salmon, Cod and Plaice, but also see a different range of fish that they may never come across other than on holidays to the coast, and again that is where having a trained fishmonger is invaluable.

One part of my working day which I really take pride in, is my morning set up and displays and the resulting customer compliments throughout the day. A fish counter should be appealing and inviting to customers. My fish counter is at the back of the store, almost tucked away in a corner, and to get to my counter customers can walk by the pre packed fish section first. However,if my display is eye catching, full and inviting to customers, that is half the battle won.

Giving the customer what he wants is also to be expected. If a customer would like a salmon fillet the width of my small finger, or 4 Whole Salmon completely descaling, then the customer not only has it, but to such a standard as I would expect.

To a greater or lesser extent all of the above can be within the responsibility of the fishmonger.

But, the upmost defining factor, which can result in either a regular customer, or a customer going to a different retailer is quality.

Customers should be able to ask for a Plaice fillet or Whole Lemon Sole for example and be confident of the quality. That can be the responsibility of the fishmonger but also a matter of great importance for the supplier themselves.

That will be the topic for my next blog.

Thank you for reading.


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