Super Salmon Selling!!

Hi to all my Twitter followers and Facebook friends who put up with my fishy witterings!

20160308_110057It’s been a long while since I’ve written a fishy blog and I’ve changed my blog site, but after the past 2 weeks I’ve been encouraged to write again (Thanks Phil 😊)

As all of you will know I absolutely love what I do. Every aspect of my career I love, the fishing industry, the skills other fishmongers have and the absolute passion my job gives me.

Anyway, I always get excited when we have new offers on my counter. It gives customers the chance to try something new at a good price and a chance to talk to my customers about fish that maybe they’d never think of trying.

We had an absolutely amazing offer on our counters with Whole Salmon for the Easter period. Whole Salmons were half price. Many of my customers absolutely love salmon so I knew we were going to be extremely busy preparing the fish in a variety of ways.

I never thought in my wildest dreams we’d be as busy as we were. In fact, we were busier the past 2 weeks than we were during the Christmas period and we were busy then!!

I take pride in the way I prepare fish for my customers, whether it be cleaning Sardines to filleting a whole salmon. I only do what I’d expect from my fishmonger for the price that I pay. So I do look forward to Salmon offer season..ok..I love it!

There are days where it is a little quieter, for example a Tuesday afternoon will be quieter than a Saturday afternoon. That didn’t seem to be the case. Days seemed to roll into each other with the amount of Salmon and other fish that we sold.

Lovely customers were buying 3 and 4 Whole Salmon at a time. The vast majority were descaled (which isn’t as easy as it sounds), then filleted and pin boned and if not descaled then skinning and cut into smaller portions. If not filleted then cut into steaks.

After the first week, my arms were beginning to ache, after all, picking up 3-4kg Whole Salmon constantly feels like being at the gym! Then my wrist started to ache from descaling the fish making sure that all the scales were off, then getting the knife through the back bone and the rib cage and making sure the pin bones were out and then dry hands from constantly washing hands and peeling salmon scales off!!

Not the most attractive sounding is it? Going home covered in scales, in my hair and even found in my car(!!) and being absolutely shattered with aching bones.


I had customers thanking me all the time for the way I prepared their fish and also Alex and Tina who work hard on the fish counter too. Myself and Alex received a customer award just for the way we packaged their fish.

On Saturday I had a lovely lady come to the fish counter to thank me personally. Even now my heart flutters a little when I hear someone say “Oh it was that lady who did my salmon.” Just in case it’s not up to scratch!! The lady had asked for a whole Salmon completely and utterly descaling, making sure that there’s not a scale in sight. And the lady thanked me and said it was the first time she’d had a salmon with absolutely no scales at all and she felt she had to come to the store just to tell me.

The last salmon I did on my shift was different. A lovely Jamaican lady asked for a salmon half filleted and half steaked. I said no problem and she smiled and said again that’s the first time that anyone had said that to her and she watched as I prepared her fish for her and thanked me.

The biggest order we had was a gentleman who wanted 5 salmon all descaling and put into steaks no thicker than about 5cm. My colleague Alex was on descaling duty, I was on steaking..and getting a steaking knife through the back bone of a salmon isn’t easy..on the 3rd Salmon I was getting abit tired!!

It’s so difficult to explain to someone how you could get home from work and be completely shattered, hands aching, shoulders aching, covered in fish scales and smelling of fish but have a complete sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve done your best, you’ve served your customers and done what is expected and you’re trained to do.

I love the support my managers give me, letting me know that I’m doing a good job kept me going. So, now that the Salmon offer has just a couple of days left, we will have new offers to try and chance to talk to my customers and push fish sales. Never did I imagine that being a fishmonger would give me 100% job satisfaction.


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